About Us

Our Mission - Our Philosophy - Our Values

Bringing your best self to work starts with what you wear.

Sway offers medical professionals high-quality apparel with minimal designs and exceptional fit. We believe in functional uniforms that convey professionalism, knowledge and style to your peers and patients.

In redesigning the traditional scrubs, we want to inspire the way you work. Each of our pieces are versatile, fashionable, and made to boost your confidence throughout the day.

Our Philosophy


Introduced in the 20th century, medical scrubs are considered the signature uniforms for healthcare professionals across the globe. Since then the healthcare industry has seen a number of innovations, but the quality and style of scrubs lags behind. Having worked in medical sales, founder Bianca Reese was inspired by the dedication of the clinicians she worked with and set out to transform the medical apparel industry. In 2020, she officially launched Sway with the goal of elevating their uniforms to mirror their commitment to excellent patient care.

Our Values

We design medical apparel that allows you to bring your authentic self to work by expressing your personal style.

We are committed to bringing unique designs to the uniform industry without sacrificing comfort and functionality.

We believe that representation matters in the workplace. When minority groups are represented the positive impact is real, and so is the negative impact when representation is non-existent. To us, representation is more than just a catch phrase, it’s woven into the fabric of our brand.